How to Buy Property in Turkey? - New Rules for Turkish Citizenship Process

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Yayın Tarihi: 20 Feb 2022 / Kategori Emlak / Diğer

⁣Buying property in Turkey has never been easier. This episode was filmed in Istanbul and Justin Mays, Cofounder of Prime Property Turkey gives you the basic tips, including some of the pitfalls when buying a property in Turkey.

• 00:44 Reservation Form - What information you should check on it and how much does it cost
• 01:58 Valuation Report and How much does it cost
• 02:53 Conversion Report - New Rules for Citizenship Process
• 05:50 List of Documents you need
• 07:46 What is POA (Power of Attorney) and what you should never do

Always do your own research when buying property abroad and seek advice from the agency who puts your interest first.

Stay tuned for our next video, where we will be covering When is the Right Time to Buy a Property in Turkey.

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